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About Us


Accelerating your growth for three decades (and counting)

AccelaGraphics Company Information

AccelaGraphics is a full service creative, print and marketing services provider. We develop innovative and effective marketing, sales and communication solutions, and help our clients grow their business, meet their challenges, and reach their goals.

Michael Freundlich opened the doors three decades ago, offering outstanding print, pre-press and copying services to the busy metro-west business community. With the appointment of his son Mitchell as president in 2005, the focus of the company shifted, and we expanded our digital and creative services and broadened our client base while keeping the traditional ink-on-paper products our customers still rely on.

Over the years, AccelaGraphics has built a solid reputation for a variety of marketing and print solutions, offering a one-stop destination for all aspects of corporate branding, from conception and design through mailing and digital distribution. If your growth isn't meeting your expectations – if it isn't accelerated enough – call AccelaGraphics at 508-366-5999 today.