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Variable Data Printing (VDP)

Variable pritnting in westboro ma

Variable Data Printing (VDP)

Want a boost on your R.O.I.? Talk directly to your customers with VDP!

With our state-of-the-art variable data printing (VDP) technology, we can use your customer mailing list or customized client database to create pieces—brochures, letters, invoices and full-color postcards, etc.—that are personalized to each individual recipient. VDP allows us to automatically change the text, graphics and address from one piece to the next at full printing speed, meaning that the process is both fast and cost-effective. Studies show an increased response rate when customers see their name on a mailer, and when you add in photos and text geared specifically their interests, the sky's the limit.

Call us today at 508-366-5999 for more information and a free consultation on how variable data printing can help you realize improved customer response and retention.