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Campaign Tracking, Reporting & Analytics

Campaign Tracking, Reporting & Analytics

We've taken all the guesswork out of marketing with the power of variable data (one-to-one) marketing and PURL (Personal URL) technology. Customer feedback is instantaneous, and with our Campaign Dashboard, trackable from anywhere you have an internet connection in real time. Some of the features of our tracking, reporting and analytics include the following:

Activity Reports - See who's visiting your landing pages and clicking your links. How many people visited your site? Completed the survey? How many requested an unsubscribe, or downloaded a PDF you provided to them?

Survey Results - See how prospects and guests responded to your survey. View each respondent's specific answers or the total number and percentage of respondents who chose each answer. Data can be exported for additional reporting and analysis.

Lead Reports - Get a report on who responded, including their contact information, survey results, even the amount of time they spent on your site. You may print individual leads, save them as Word files or export them for additional reporting, analysis, follow up or importing into other programs.

Automated Data Output - Leads can be sent automatically via email, ftp or SMS. Individually or in batches, matching any criteria you define (such as only those interested in certain services, or who live in a specific city, or to a specific sales rep).

Graphs - View campaign results in graphical form. Display in Bar, Line or Pie Chart formats.

ROI Calculator - Calculate Return On Investment for each campaign. Details include cost of campaign, # of pieces mailed or emails sent, # of visitors, completed surveys, closed opportunities, and total revenue generated.