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Corporate Identity and Logo Design

Corporate Identity and Logo Design

Logo Design and Corporate ID Packages

Before a lot of your customers meet you, they meet your business card or letterhead. Or they see your logo on a T-shirt or truck. Your brand is your first introduction, but how do you make it a good one?

A good logo is the foundation of your marketing efforts, and if it's well-designed, it brings up the level of all your marketing pieces and online content. It tells the world what you're about, and sets you apart from the pack. It should be memorable, unique, and adaptable for all media and uses.

The design choices that follow–colors, fonts, photos, white space–are part of your image, and should be considered carefully as well. A well-crafted brand confirms your credibility, motivates buyers, and creates loyalty with current and future clients. It can turn a local small business into a national chain, or at least make it appear as if it is. The more serious you take your brand, the more serious the marketplace will take your company.

At AccelaGraphics, we're serious about your image. We've done logo design and brand crafting for over 30 years. If you've been considering a corporate identity or logo update for your business, call us at 508-366-5999.