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List Research & Acquisition

List Research & Acquisition

"The aim of marketing is to know your customers so well that when your prospects are confronted with your product, it fits them so exactly that it sells itself." –Peter Drucker

With the above quote in mind, let us ask: who's your ideal customer?

Is he the head of a household making over $100,000 a year who likes to travel? Is she an expecting mother who makes the majority of her purchases online? A boat owner with allergies? At AccelaGraphics, we know your direct mail products are only as successful as the mailing list you send it to, which is why we believe in narrowing down the recipient list to the highest prospects. We can find businesses by region and SIC code, complete with recipient names and job functions. We can find households and individuals by region, estimated income, number of children, buying behavior, interests, and many, many other criteria.

We also merge, purge and sort your current lists, saving you money in wasted postage and getting your message to your intended recipients faster. With our bulk rate services, you'll always pay the lowest rate available for your mailings.

Call AccelaGraphics today at 508-366-5999, and we'll help you pinpoint, and reach, your best customers.