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Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct Mail Campaigns

While we love exploring new technologies and marketing methods, we still believe in the power of direct mail to reach your customers. In terms of marketing spend, it is still one of the top performing mediums. Direct mail can be as basic as saturation or radius mailings addressed to "occupant", to as personal as specifically targeted individuals or businesses with the piece talking directly to them, such as "Dear Joe" or "Dear Susan". For even more response "lift", direct mail can be combined with email marketing, landing pages and personalized URL's (pURL's).

The real challenge is in determining the most appropriate method that offers the highest response rate and return on investment. Then the real work begins developing the target, messaging, offer and creative. Direct mail campaigns from AccelaGraphics are attention-getting, creative, and most importantly... effective. Through personalization and with the right offer, we've had response rates as high as 35% – a number that still amazes our client!

If you would like to learn more about the power of direct mail, or wonder if your current program is getting the return it should, call AccelaGraphics today at 508-366-5999 and see what a difference a creative, professional team can make in your business communications.