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Stop to consider this for a second: how many different business card designs have you seen in Boston over the years? Several hundred? Maybe a thousand? Wow! That’s a lot of 3.5” X 2” pieces of card stock, isn’t it? While today’s 4 color business card is a printing institution, business card printer programs took awhile to get that way.

The first business card printer programs arose during the reign of Louis XIV in France during the 17th century. Back then they were “visiting cards,” resembling the shape of playing cards…not exactly like the business card design in Boston today. People used them for messages, promissory notes and signature cards. About the same time across the English Channel, an entrepreneurial Brit came up with the idea for “tradecards,” which merchants used for advertising. Of course, they didn’t have the 4 color business card printing capabilities we have today, so you might not recognize one if you stumbled upon one. It took a few hundred years to arrive in America – where they served as “calling cards,” a 19th century accessory every high society person simply had to have. Soon, they evolved into business promotional pieces for folks at every social level.

Today, more than 200 years since the first business card design hit Boston, you need one that makes your business stand out and creates a terrific first impression. AccelaGraphics of New England has a business card printer program that’s a snap for you. Click here to receive a quote for your next 4 color business card printing. You’ll receive a response within one business day. Or, give us a call, and we’ll gladly help you right away. While we can’t promise you’ll end up in high society, we’re confident you’ll like the image we design for you.

When you think about it, the first business card printer program created quite a legacy. Good thing those Louis XIV folks were open to new ideas!