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How often are you staying in touch with your prospects and customers? In order to remain “top-of-mind” – and keep your business soaring – it’s important to contact them on a regular basis. One of the best ways to reach out to your target audience is to send 4 color newsletters, and AccelaGraphics of New England is the answer for all your newsletter printing needs.

The AccelaGraphics newsletter printers team will accept your PDF or other file format, print your 4 color newsletters on schedule, and mail them to your mailing list. Or, if you don’t currently have one, you don’t have to be a great writer to create terrific 4 color newsletters. Turn to the AccelaGraphics for all your newsletter printing needs and let us handle everything for you. AccelaGraphics will write your all of your copy, then design and print your 4 color newsletters. All you need to do is provide some story ideas about your company, photos of your employees at company events, and proof the layout before final printing.

You might be wondering what types of stories would be perfect for your 4 color newsletter. Think of things that interest you such as company announcements of new products or services, employee “get-to-know-you” introductions and important dates – as in ordering deadlines or holiday reminders. Also, topics not related specifically to your company that would have potential value to your readers make great story ideas such as tips and techniques on improving their businesses, vacation spots they might want to visit and “This Date In History” achievements.

For example, here’s an interesting item we recently read in a 4 color newsletter from one of our vendors: In the summer you can determine the outside temperature by listening to crickets chirp. Count the chirps you hear in 15 seconds, then add 39 for a good estimate of the degrees in Fahrenheit. How about that!

So see, your 4 color newsletter is a great opportunity to make a wonderful impression on your prospects and customers…every month of the year (and to educate them, too!). If you’ve tried other newsletter printers and haven’t received the service you deserve, leave those newsletter printers behind. Make the switch now to AccelaGraphics for all your newsletter printing needs!